Instagram in social media marketing

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking platforms that allows its users to share photos and videos. Although having 1 billion active users all over the world, and being readily available on smart phones is self-explanatory, there are other reasons why Instagram should definitely be used in social media marketing. A Birmingham social media company explains why small businesses especially must make use of it to ensure brand recognition and boost sales.

It’s all about vision

The human mind has always had a soft spot for looking at photos and watching videos. We are awed when we see a cute photo of our neighbour’s cat or a short video of a baby making funny faces although they are natural instances of life. That’s because a single image can convey much more than a full page text in much shorter time, and well, a picture is worth a 1000 words. Ever seen a company advertising (and not just online) without the use of a single photo? Or coming across an all-text product page lacking the photo of what you might buy? Photos and videos also show what’s not told.

That’s not all!

Instagram has other features that makes it ideal for social media marketing:

· The possibility of writing comments or asking questions under photos or videos, provide a direct line between the business and the customer. Potential customers tend to think positively about a brand or a business when they are interacted with.

· The use of hashtags will allow your ad to be shown to people who are genuinely interested.

· Posting to “Instagram Stories” is also an excellent marketing strategy. “Stories” disappear in 24 hours and that’s basically why people tend to check them often. The story queue starts automatically and passes onto the next story with no user navigation involved, making users see ads when they are fully focused, without any distraction.